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Scooter CARE

What is the best method for charging your batteries?

We recommend that you charge your batteries after every trip. Even if you have not been very far it is wise to ensure that your batteries are full before each journey. Don't leave your batteries for long periods without being charged, even if you have not used your scooter. Always give your batteries at least 8 hours each time you charge them or until the charger light turns green.

Do I get guarantee with my new batteries?

Yes, your new batteries are guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturing defect or cell failure. Reasonable wear and tear or degeneration is not covered under the terms of the warranty. Please read the whole of this section for ways to look after your batteries.

SLA Battery Charging, Performance and Maintenance Tips

It can be somewhat useful to think of your electric scooter battery system as if it were a gas tank. If you only take electricity out and never put any in, soon you will have nothing. Also, the best way to make the gas tank full is by having the discipline to always fill gas (electricity) in, whenever possible.

An SLA battery is generally rated at 300 cycles. This is an average. With better care and discipline, you can get more than 300 cycles from an SLA scooter battery. Perhaps as many as 800, Of course, if you abuse the battery, it is likely that you will get less than 300 cycles from your battery. The fact is, that always using only 50% or less of your batteries capacity before charging again, will greatly extend its life. Conversely, using 80, 90 and 100% of the capacity will greatly reduce the number of cycles possible. The fact is that you should never discharge a lead acid battery lower than 80% of its capacity (20% charge left in the battery).

SLA scooter batteries also love to be charged on a regular basis and leaving a battery in a very low state of charge for any period of time will do irreversible damage to the battery. But to keep them at optimum condition, charge your scooter battery pack often, after every use if possible.

Undercharging - is caused by not allowing the charger to restore the battery to full charge after use. Continuously operating a battery in a partial or low state of charge may cause premature battery failure.

Batteries and freezing - It is also important to remember that a fully charged SLA battery will not freeze until the temperature drops below -92F (68°C), while a battery with a 40% charge will freeze at about -16F (26°C)

Physical Maintenance - An SLA scooter battery is virtually maintenance free in terms of adding water or electrolyte (acid). You should never open it in an attempt to fill or repair it.


Do I need a License to Ride a Scooter in Shanghai? Electric NO, Gasoline YES!

Here is some information on “How to Get a Driver’s License in Shanghai”?

There are two steps towards getting your Driving License: Applying for the test and taking the test. If you can speak English you can do the whole process on your own with minimal effort! In summary all they are doing is transferring your current home country license to a Chinese license.

In order to get your driver’s license, you need to bring the following things:

  • Passport with valid Chinese Visa
  • Valid Residents Permit for China
  • Current Address in Chinese
  • Chinese Name “Chinese Business Card”
  • A legal translation of your home country Driver's License by a certified translator. (See address below).

Note: No medical record, passport photo’s, etc. is required as this will be done at the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau “Driving License Authority”


  • Get your current driving license translated from one of the places listed below;
  • Head to Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau in Minhang District with all the above documents;
  • Go directly to building 12 and get photocopies of the following items (Current Driving License, Passport Picture Page and Resident Permit Page).
  • Take the photocopies with the Certified Translation of your Driving License to the window at the back of the room and pay for your photo’s which you will be taking in few minitures;
  • Head to the photo taking room next to the photocopying window, show them your receipt to get your pictures taken, this should take about 10 minutes;
  • Take your pictures and follow the signs to medical examination area;
  • Pay for the medical exam fees when you arrive at the building, and fill in the 2 forms that you will be given, affix photos and pass to nurse. Tests conducted are (Sight, Audiography and Colorblindness);
  • When done with the medical examination, take all your paper work and head to building 8, a clerk will check your information and ask you to head to room 200 on the second floor, your documents will be checked again and then asked to head to building 9 where you will schedule for your written “computer” test;
  • Upon scheduling for a date to take your written test you will be given a slip with the date and time of your exam and a pink booklet to study for your test “The questions in the exam are identical to the booklet but in different order”;
  • On the exam day, head back with your appointment slip and all the documents you took with you the first time, go directly to building 9 and take your written exam.
  • The exams is 100 question, you have to answer 90 questions out of 100 in 45 minutes in order to pass, if you answered 90 questions correctly the test will automatically stop, and the same goes if you answer more the 10 questions wrong.
  • If you pass, see the clerks in the same room to stamp your documents and head back to building 8 (room 200) on the second floor to get the final stamp, go back downstairs in the same building and pay for issuing your License, head back upstairs to the large waiting room in the middle of the building and show all your documents with your last receipt to the clerk at window 16, you will get issued a number/ticket, wait until your number is called and you will have your new license in approximately 20 minutes.


Translation Services

- The Shanghai Association of Foreign Affairs Translators

Suites 702-4 China Tourism Office Building
No.66, Nanjing Dong Lu (Near The Bund, Subway Line 2 - Nanjing Dong Station)
Telephone No.: 021 6323 9181 / 6323 3988 / 6323 3608 / 6323 9910

- The Shanghai SISU Translation Service Co.

No.3, Lane 100, Dong Tiyuhui Lu (Near Dalian Xi Lu)
Telephone No.: 021 6587 7585 (Ext.215 / 216)

Driving License Issuing Authority

Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau
179 Qinchun Road (Near Subway Line 1 – Chunshen Road Station)


50 RMB - Certified Translation
200 RMB - License (Test, Photo’s, Photocopying, Medical Examination)

International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is not valid in China; and they simply treat the IDP just like any other foreign license. If you have an IDP, you must follow the same procedure as everyone else.

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