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Why Scooteretta?

Travel through the city with no boundaries. With a Scooteretta, shopping, driving to work or even just cruising in the city turns into an unforgettable and exciting experience. Unleash a younger more adventurous you and transform your everyday boring and arduous commute into an intriguing one. Why is Scooteretta’s experience so special? Well, a topless speedy ride offers you a freedom of travel you would never experience with any other method of transportation.

With an automatic twist n’ go transmission, upright riding position and the security of Scooteretta’s unique frame; you can focus on the thrill of the ride. An easy, fast and stylish way to enjoy Shanghai’s impressive skyline in minutes. The long waits in traffic will become history as you wiggle your way through to your destination. With a convenient overnight charge you will be ready for your next adventure. In addition to the convenience and efficiency, you are commuting in a greener way, cutting down on carbon emission and traffic congestion in the city … Now this is the Scooteretta way.

Where can I Scooteretta?

Wherever you choose to use Scooteretta!

Going for a quick errand, driving to work or exploring the city on a Sunday afternoon. Your Scooteretta is right there for you. Carrying an extra load? No problem, your Scooteretta has the space for that extra bag of groceries you picked up on the way home.

If you are thinking to take more friends or go out on a rainy day! Go ahead and give your Scooteretta a break in its convenient parking space. You know you can park 6 Scooteretta’s in the space of one car, therefore making parking the least of your worries, so indulge in a guilt free night .You deserve it! Since your Scooteretta has done so much saving already.  

How will I become a Scooteretta owner?

You can own your own Scooteretta and enjoy it with no limits today.
Once you are a proud owner of a Scooteretta expect it to become easy to make new friends and meet new people! People will be interested in your new stylish Scooteretta. Your choice says so much about you!

Having more fun while saving time and money never been easier!

3 Steps to start enjoying your Scootretta …

Choose your style

Your favorite color

and call or email us.

Stress FREE Policy,

We are promising our customers quality assurance. Our superb service and pleasant experience is our trademark. We make sure that your time is never wasted and that you are treated with respect and professionalism.

We offer free delivey to your door step*.



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